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Muscles Training Hanging Straps

Muscles Training Hanging Straps help you tone, strengthen, and shred your core abdominal muscles to create a leaner, stronger, sexier you with hanging leg raises, leg lifts, vertical crunches, and more.


  • Create an intense workout almost anywhere with ab arm straps compatible with standard door pull up bars, chin-up bars, or multi-gym systems, so you can stay consistent with workouts, fashion design,100% Brand New, high quality!
  • Lightweight and portable but also strong and durable can support a max load capacity of 120kg/18th/264lbs, and perfect for various fitness exercises such as abdominal crunches, hanging leg raises, obliques, etc
  • The extra-wide ab slings straps comfortably support the elbows, allowing a range of different ab workouts such as leg raises and hanging ab crunches
  • Straps are made from heavy-duty polyester with comfortable padding, resistant to tear and wear. Attach to all Standard pull-up bars or Multi-Gyms to work your abdominals without straining your lower back. Sold as a pair.