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Crossfit Medicine Ball

Power and Aerobic Endurance. Vigorous activities such as jogging, running, jumping, throwing, and kicking require explosive strength. Working out with medicine balls promotes fast-twitch muscle fibers and increases calorie burn.


  • An extremely versatile piece of gym equipment, that can be used for strength training and plyometric exercises.
  • MOBILITY: Excellent piece of equipment for stretching and rolling out tight and sore muscles.
  • Premium, heavy-duty, laser-cut, triple-stitched soft shell covering. Hand stuffed and weighted special construction allows the ball to maintain balance and keep its shape.
  •  All sizes are the 14-Inch diameter and red/black color, except the 4LB ball is 9-Inch diameter and red/black color
  • Not intended for slamming exercises, please refer to j/fit Slam Ball for use