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Foam Barbell Pad Squat Protector

Foam Barbell Pad Squat Protector helps relieve extra and unnecessary stress on your neck, shoulders, and hips, avoid pain or discomfort, prevent possible injuries. It fits snugly Olympic-sized bars and the Smith Machine bar. Portable and lightweight design fit easier in most gym bags.

  • Safely Perform Squats, Lunges, Hip Thrusts, and more
  • Ergonomically designed neck groove helps to provide comfort and promote good form
  • The high quality rubberized memory foam sponge pad
  • Provides relief to neck and shoulders while training
  • High-density thick foam provides extreme cushion during squats, weighted barbell, hip thrusts, fitness, weightlifting exercise.
  • Keep the Squat Pad in place so it is difficult to lose or slide, allowing you to focus on your weight training.