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Portable Muscle Massage Relaxer

Portable Muscle Massage Relaxer is a kind of Telescopic  Column with and fashion appearance, three-dimensional structure, and practical characteristics, which will make your exercise more interesting and effective. 


  • It weighs not much and can be retracted after use, it is very easy to store and will not take up much space, also, it is convenient for you to carry with you to wherever you like for your use.
  • With a three-dimensional structure, it will give you micro-projectile touches of suitable pain, making you feel comfortable and driving away your tiredness. 
  • Made of ABS, PC, TPE, and POM of high quality, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly and easy to clean, will never do harm to our body. 
  • This product has strong durability and strength with high withstanding force and will last for a long period for your usage